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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 7, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a major find in the search for the airasia plane. wreckage at the bottom of the sea. new pictures just in. extreme weather. arctic air dropping temperatures to as low as 50 below this morning after record snowfall. plus, a swollen river swallows a home following heavy rains. close call. a woman sitting at her desk makes a miraculous move seconds before disaster. and a glimpse into our country's infancy. what did sam adams and paul revere leave for us over 200 years ago? good wednesday morning to you, everybody.
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we have to begin with that breaking news. searchers have discovered the tail of airasia flight 8501. >> it's a significant find that could lead to the plane's black boxes. stored in the tail. here are the first pictures taken during the mission by divers and an unmanned vehicle earlier today. >> these are the first pieces of the plane not found on the sea's surface and the first confirmed sighting of any major wreckage after ten days now of searching. >> you can actually see part of the plane's logo in one picture. take a close look at the "a" and "i" written in white and here's a picture of the actual plane, the underwater image released overnight clearly appears to be from the plane's tail. abc's muhammad lila is at the recovery command center in indonesia. >> reporter: well good morning t.j. and reena. there's no question this is a massive, massive development. first we're getting a look at these first pictures we've seen of this airasia flight resting on the floor of the java sea. these pictures are simply haunting. the plane, you can make out the logo. it says airasia on it.
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you can see the "a" on the plane, as well, and you can see what appears to be some sort of door. it might be the emergency door. we don't know. so this is important for a couple of reasons. first is that the tail of the plane is typically where you have the plane's voice recorder and data recorder. so if -- as long as those black boxes didn't move or didn't shift when it was entering the ocean, it could mean they're literally now inches from finding those important pieces of equipment. and, second, there could be more bodies in there and this is what indonesian officials have said since the beginning and the ceo of airasia coming out and saying that he considers rest of the bodies so that the families can have peace. they've said once they find the main part of the plane, they think they'll find a whole lot of bodies inside so that's the other part of this is that now that they found this, they might be able to pull out a significant number of bodies so today, a very big development on both those fronts. >> we will continue monitoring. our thanks to muhammad lila and
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stay with abc news for this latest discovery in the airasia crash. a live update later on "good morning america." we turn now to the bitter cold gripping millions of americans this morning and shutting down schools from chicago to minneapolis and the dakotas. the bitter arctic air is dipping all the way into the deep south, but the midwest and plains are bearing the brunt of it with windchills plunging as low as 50 below zero. more from abc's susan saulny. >> reporter: record snowfalls in more than half the country shivering in a deep freeze this morning. >> when i cake up, it's snowing. when i fall asleep, it's snowing. the worst part i think is probably driving in it. >> reporter: ice and snow wreaked havoc on roads from the midwest to the east coast causing dangerous pileups and longer commutes for millions. so many accidents, an interstate shut down in central indiana leading to an eight-mile backup. and in minnesota, medians and highway shoulders were littered with stalled, spun-out cars. forecasters said washington would get an inch of snow but
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there is almost a whiteout at the white house, almost 4 inches by midday. school buses were sliding off the streets if they showed up at all. parents were outraged. >> the bus never showed up because we are at the top of a hill. >> reporter: today dozens of school districts across the midwest are already closed in anticipation of even colder temperatures. >> the kind of north stars that guide us, health and safety of the children and enough planning time for the parents to make the adjustments if they're needed. >> reporter: in chicago they used fire to warm up train tracks. people piled on the layers. >> my fingers are a little frozen after the first five minutes. >> reporter: factoring in windchills across most of the country, the real feel of temperatures could be some 15 to 30 degrees lower than the thermometer is reading. susan saulny, abc news, washington. >> it's so cold in some areas the road salt is having no effect on the icy highways. >> for the latest on those record low temperatures and dangerous windchills we'll check in with our accuweather meteorologist justin povick. good morning to you, justin. >> reena and t.j., thanks.
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the cold continues throughout the northeast and we have some snow on the way for wednesday, as well. downwind of the great lakes, burst of heavy snow, whiteout conditions with 6 or more inches of snow. further inland an inch or two possible. that's the case throughout pittsburgh and northern pennsylvania and southern new york state. now the northwest is not concerned about snow, in fact, they had the shades out, not the shorts. not quite that warm but temperatures are warming up into the 50s at least around seattle, portland, with lots of sun on the way. but the cold, well, it continues with shots of arctic air late week and in towards the upcoming weekend from the central plains in toward the northeast. reena and t.j., back to you. >> thanks, justin. floodwaters are causing big problems in the northwest. take a look at this small house in washington state falling off the edge of an eroding hillside before it's swept away by the swollen river. fortunately, no one was home at the time. so there were no injuries.
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the river also claimed a neighbor's outbuilding that was also teetering over the water. the fbi is looking for a motive behind the deadly shooting an army clinic. a gunman opened fire inside the el paso veterans affairs clinic at ft. bliss killing one. shooter died. investigators have not confirmed reports that he killed himself. also not saying much yet about the victim just yet. >> all of a sudden all i hear is my friend is texting me talking to me that there is an active shooter in the building. now, we got all kinds of helicopters and a lot of guns out there. >> the fbi is questioning hundreds of potential witnesses. the clinic came under scrutiny last year as the v.a. scandal erupted. a federal audit showed it had some of the country's longest wait times for veterans trying to see a doctor. investigators in colorado looking for a man in connection with an explosion at the naacp chapter in colorado springs. this blast happened outside a barber shop next door to the group's building. there was only minor damages.
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witnesses say they saw a white man in his 40s drive away from the scene. well, the first major battle between president obama and the new republican congress is already shaping up. the white house says mr. obama would veto the keystone pipeline bill if it passed. that controversial pipeline would carry oil from canada to refineries on the gulf coast. passage of the bill is a priority among republican leaders in congress. the president hits the road to outline his priorities for the next two years. mr. obama travels to detroit this afternoon to talk about the resurgent american auto industry. the president will visit a ford plant which is closed this week due to lagging demand for small cars. afterwards he'll fly to phoenix. we want to say a happy belated wedding anniversary. a 70th wedding anniversary this morning to former president george h.w. bush and his wife barbara. >> bush 41 yesterday taking to twitter saying "70 years ago this day barbara pierce of rye, new york, made me the happiest and luckiest man on earth." the bushes have been married longer than any other first
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couple in u.s. history. >> congrats. >> absolutely. well still ahead some mcdonald's running out of fries. wait until you hear what they're serving instead. also, surrounded by fire with nowhere to go, a family forced to drop a 4-year-old from the balcony. plus, midair collision. a scary moment for paragliders caught on camera colliding during a jump.
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welcome back, everybody. the stock market has extended its losing streak for 2015. the dow is down nearly 500 points in the past two days. a 4% drop from its all-time high at the end of last year,
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however, the price of oil, that's causing most of the concern here, crude dropped another $2 to close at just $48 a barrel. a big lawsuit has been filed stemming from the sale of beats headphones to apple. a former business parter of dr. dre and another beats executive say the sale of the popular headphonemaker cost him millions. the man filing the suit sold his stake in beats after being told the company wouldn't be sold for years. shortly after that beats was sold to apple for $3 billion. the controversial comedy flick "the interview" is bringing in big bucks even with limited release in theaters. sony pictures says the movie has made more than $31 million from its online and on demand purchases in the 12 days since its release. sony released the movie online after a hacking group threatened violence against venues that played it. well, construction is now under way on the first section of california's new bullet train. when the $68 billion high-speed
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railway is completed, passengers will be able to travel from los angeles to los angeles in under three hours. top speeds will be around 200 miles an hour. backers say the line creates thousands of jobs. critics say the money should be spent on aging infrastructure. fast food crisis in south america. venezuela has run out of mcdonald's french fries. ti's the latest country after japan to be hit by the shortage blamed on a dispute with west coast dockworkers accused of halting exports of frozen mcdonald's fries. venezuelan franchises are improving replacing them with corn cakes or fries made of tropical plant yuca. i'd eat that. yuca is pretty good. >> do what you got to do. when we come back a lot of baggage literally. why some passengers are forced to wait hours after their flights at baggage claim. and breaking news in the search for airasia 8501. part of the plane's tail discovered overnight. we have the new pictures of the wreckage. ♪ when you don't get enough
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take a look at this one. an incredible sight captured on camera off the coast of greece this week. this is a towering waterspout swirling in the mediterranean sea. this is right next to the island of crete. it appeared to stay over water, didn't go over land where, of course, it would become a tornado so no problems over land but something to look at. >> and extreme weather here at home, as well. snow-covered highways around the great lakes. lingering flurries will make for a slick commute in the northeast and still slippery across much of the midwest. and if you're flying airport delays possible in denver, minneapolis, detroit, boston and new york. well, updating the morning's breaking news the tail section of the downed airasia jet has been found. >> overnight we've got the first images. you're seeing them here from the bottom of the java sea showing the tail with a giant letter "a" on the side. that's the logo for airasia. it's a major development in the search for a cause since the black boxes are stored in the tail. officials are also hoping to
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recover more bodies in this part of the aircraft. another earthquake has rocked north texas overnight making it the ninth one in just the past 24 hours. like the others, this latest quake in dallas was mild 3.0 or greater but strong enough to leave cracks in ceilings, floors and window moldings and they also knocked items from shelves and rattled plenty of nerves. >> customers flying united airlines at the denver airport are complaining about long waits for their baggage. we're talking about three days or more. the airline points the finger at a new contractor hired last month to handle bags for roughly 250 regional flights, but problems are plaguing and even delaying some longer flights, as well. so, again, the delays we're not talking about a few hours here of we're talking about in some cases, days. a dramatic scene last night as fire ripped through an apartment building in michigan. the smoke and flames trapped several families on their balconies. one panicked resident was forced to drop her 4-year-old child to a police officer below. some people reportedly jumped from the second and third floors. police grabbed the ladder to
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save a man and his dog as well. everybody was okay, though. well from south america a parachutist accident caught on camera. it shows the horrifying moment the two paragliders collided both hurting toward the ground. one triggered the reserve parachute and both landed safely on a high tree. it was a very memorable way to start off the new year. also caught on camera just another day at this office in brazil. that is until a pickup comes through the wall. the woman sitting closest to the impact cheating death, lucky to escape with just minor injuries. the driver in the pickup had just been in an accident and went out of control. clearly he was okay too. well heisman trophy honoring o.j. simpson has been found. it was stolen more than 20 years ago. the trophy was a replica of the one presented to simpson. it was kept at his university. it was taken from a building at usc. simpson's alma mater in the summer of 1994. lapd announced yesterday it had been found. one of simpson's jerseys, which
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was also stolen at the time, however, has not yet been recovered. we'll stay with sports here. well, sports here for the first time since 1955 we have four major leaguers, former major leaguers, they have been elected to the baseball hall of fame. three of them pitchers, randy johnson, known as the big unit. he struck out nearly 4900 batters in his career. pedro martinez won three cy young awards and helped the red sox in their long world series drought. >> john smoltz went from starter to reliever in his career with the braves. they are joined by craig biggio, the first member of the houston astros to be elected to the hall. >> baseball's opening day is just under four months away. really? but we got basketball in full swing right now. >> hoops highlights from our guys at espn. >> good morning. welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. he's kenny mayne. i'm stan verrett. you get the first highlight. >> yeah i'm ready for it. this is the national basketball association, tony parker back in for the spurs hosting the pistons who are playing well lately. 97 apiece.
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manu ginobili, oh, he made it. spurs go up by 3. >> that's why we showed it. >> kentavious caldwell-pope -- did you get all that -- floating in. it's a 101-100 game. they have the ball until they don't have the ball and then presently they won't have the lead. brandon jennings, he's going to do that. did you see his name in the paper? drummond had 20 points, 17 boards. college basketball, unbeaten number one kentucky opening s.e.c. play against mississippi. they will go to overtime. three minutes to go in the extra session, kentucky down by two. devin booker misses. willie cauley-stein right place right time. the game tied at 83. 2:13 to go. kentucky down to andrew harrison. knocking it down. kentucky up 1. 12 seconds to go, mississippi down one. martavious newby. double clutch. no, and kentucky wins a squeaker, 89-86 in overtime.
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a lot to talk about whether kentucky can go undefeated. >> we don't have time to talk about it now. nor do we have a tom rinaldi poem. >> back to you. >> we're done. so college basketball and the pros, that's one thing. middle school hoops from washington state, something entirely different. >> yeah, and maybe that's why the referee in this game, well, he thought it was okay to take a cell phone call during the game. you can see him. he's in the back -- tough to see right now, but he's on the phone. he's in the far side. here's a good shot of him. he's literally on his cell phone while the game was going on. >> maybe his wife wanted something for dinner. >> come on, honey. i'm working. >> props to the kids from north whidbey and oak harbor middle schools, someone call a foul on the ref, please. >> i want to know more about this story. something -- i would like to know who he was talking to. >> probably his wife. pick up that call when wife calls. coming up next in "the
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start with a journey back in time. >> yeah, that's what is being called a time capsule by most folks out there from 1795. that's what it offers. it was opened in boston yesterday after being found in the foundation of the massachusetts statehouse. among the items inside, five tightly folded newspapers. one includes a list of whaling ships soon to arrive in boston harbor. two dozen coins were in there, one dating back to 1655. >> revolutionary personality s paul revere and sam adams were among those who placed the time capsule. we turn now to america's newest celebrity underwear model. >> justin bieber just joined the ranks of megacelebrities to pose for designer calvin klein. the singer strips down in a new series of black and white ads released yesterday. >> yeah, he posted these shots to his facebook page and simply wrote, "it begins." he had a hashtag on there that said my calvins. >> he looks very good. so does she. 2015 is getting under way but we already know it's going to be a long year. >> yes, actually it will be one
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second longer than last year. scientists have decided to make 2015 a leap second. >> yeah. it's one second will be added to the world atomic clocks on june 30th to account for the gradual slowing of the earth's rotation. since 1972 there have been 24 leap seconds, so how do you plan on spending your extra second? >> i'm sure i'll spend the time with you, reena. >> or sleeping. you could use a little extra sleep. >> that one second would do me good right now. who would turn down, reena, who in their right mind would turn down a check for $974 million written out specifically to them? well, an oklahoma woman just did that. >> yeah, it's part of an ongoing very bitter divorce battle involving billionaire oil man harold hamm. a judge earlier ordered hamm to pay his ex-wife a billion dollars. both are appealing. he says it's too much. she says, not enough. >> do you see that check right there? >> uh-huh. >> wow! to just write a personal
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let's get real.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 4:28. leyla gulen is back. nice of you to join us. >> so nice of you to join us too, on this wednesday morning. >> i will join you in a minute. mike was updating the computer for the latest forecast. mike, what is going on with the weather? we will talk about visibility. we start with santa rosa at 1.25 visibility the that is the thickest. we have tule fog in the central valley developing. the day planner from the east bay hills it looks clean this morning but it is another "spare the air" day. we do have fog with temperatures in the 40's and 50's. we are in the low 60's by noon. mid-60's by 4:00. in the evening we will have hazy
4:29 am
stars and mid-to-upper 50's so a mild evening on the way. thank you for making the move to the set we appreciate it. how about you? welcome back. >> happy new year! hopefully you are starting off healthy. i did not. but here is the drive: through berkeley 80, headed to the maze. the headlights are empty and not many cars. big news with a full closure here for the weekend. that is ahead. right now we will talk about a disturbance on transit. bart police are hoping to catch a gunman who opened fire at the san lenadro station. amy hollyfield is at the station. is the victim alive? we have been told the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition.
4:30 am
everything is back to normal at the bart station. the parking lot is were. passengers are coming and going without any problem. this happened last night. it was 10:00 and a man was shot several times in the chest in the parking lot at bart station in san lenadro. we are told the victim and the suspects were on a bart train. they were walking into the paing lot when the shooting happened. they are still investigating. >> there are surveillance cameras in the area. we are pulling information from the cameras. we are gearing the data. we are putting it together, what happened. >> last night, the passengers were not all allowed to get to their car they had to shut down the west side of the parking lot to conduct the vex. that created problems if


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